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Cecilia Rosenow

CEN 438G

Professional Biography

Ce Rosenow attended Santa Clara University (BA English), Portland State University (MA English), and the University of Oregon (PhD English). 

She loves teaching! She has taught at Portland Community College, Mt. Hood Community College, and the University of Oregon's English Department and Clark Honors College. Her classes include writing, creative writing, and literature.

Some of Ce's other interests are writing, editing, and publishing. Her articles, essays, and reviews have been published in the U.S. and abroad. Her books include six collections of poetry; Lenard D. Moore and African American Haiku: Merging TraditionsCare Ethics and Poetry co-authored with Maurice Hamington; and The Next One Thousand Years: Selected Poems of Cid Corman co-edited with Bob Arnold. She is the senior editor of Juxtapositions: The Journal of Haiku Research and Scholarship and a former editor of Northwest Literary Forum and Portlandia Review of Books

Ce has worked as a technical writer for a newspaper, as a freelance writer, and for Lane Community College. Her on-the-job experiences inform her practical approach to teaching technical writing.

Learn more about her passion for teaching, writing, editing, and publishing in Ce's ePortfolio