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Damian McDonald

LCC10 209
Faculty Instructor - Temp Appt

Professional Biography

Damian McDonald has worked professionally as a multimedia producer in Eugene, Oregon since 2002. He studied Multimedia Design at Lane Community College and Digital Arts at the University of Oregon. In 2010 Damian began teaching for LCC's Media Arts department in Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, and Animation. Damian also works as a freelance artist, illustrator, and multimedia producer.

Courses: ART216 Digital Design Tools, ART225 Digital Illustration, ART245 Drawing for Media, FA250 Concepts of Visual Literacy, MUL101 Introduction to Media Arts, MUL119 Introduction to Animation, MUL210 Multimedia Design, MUL212 Digital Imaging, MUL231 Graphic Design Production 1, MUL232 Graphic Design Production 2, MUL233 Graphic Design Production 3