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Jeffrey Borrowdale

CEN 410J
Faculty Instructor

Professional Biography

I joined the Social Science faculty as a full-time Philosophy and Religion Instructor in 2001. I am also certified to teach Political Science and in Cooperative Education (Political Science and Pre-law). I serve on the Curriculum Committee and as the Faculty Advisor for Young Americans for Liberty, a student club dedicated to individual rights, personal responsibility and creating a free society guided by reason, tolerance and compassion

My academic interests include political philosophy, political economy, the foundations of ethics, epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophical issues related to technological progress, arguments for and against the existence of God and religious pluralism.

Fall 2018 Office Hours:

  • Monday & Wednesday 1-2pm and by appointment in CEN 410J
  • Tuesday 2-3pm and by appointmentin CEN 410J
  • Friday 12-1 Online Moodle Messaging
  • Sunday 7-8pm Online Moodle Messaging