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Jodi James

PT Credit Instructor

Professional Biography

Jodi is a physical therapist, somatic movement educator, dance-artist and teacher. 

She is a native of the Northwest suburbs of Chicago where as a child she fell in love with dancing. As she grew up she developed a passion for the sciences and decided to pursue both mechanical engineering and dance in college. A severe injury to her knee altered her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Through the process of her rehabilitation, Jodi discovered Dance Kinesiology, which landed her at the University of Utah Modern Dance Department to complete her MA in that specialty.  

After graduation Jodi accepted a joint position at Arizona State University with the Arts, Media and Engineering Program. For five years, Jodi developed curriculum and conducted research that integrated the movement arts and sciences. While at ASU, she was also on faculty with the Dance Department, teaching Dance Kinesiology, Laban Movement Analysis and Modern technique courses.While at ASU, Jodi completed her MFA in Dance as well a certification in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis through Integrated Movement Studies. 

Jodi then decided to redirect her career towards physical therapy. Jodi graduated from Northern Arizona University with a DPT in Physical Therapy and designed her new career to integrate all of her knowledge with a special focus on holistic healing. She has further delved into the moving body by studying Pilates for Rehabilitation, Visceral Manipulation, Stecco Method, Graston Technique as well as Functional Mobilization.

Jodi has been studying and treating dance-related injuries and movement dysfunction for almost two decades. As an experienced movement teacher, she has helped her students hone their artistry while promoting efficiency, versatility and joy. In addition to treating at Soma Potential, Jodi teaches Pilates and Looking at Dance at Lane Community College.